Kirthi Rao is a currently a student attending university. She has no published works and therefore aspires to become a published novelist.

I first wanted to write stories when I learned how to read. My mum took me to the library several times a week and I'd read the most fantastic stories with adventures, rabbits, dragons, brave heroines and rich cultural and historical stories that broadened my view of the world. I wrote shitty stories in composition notebooks in elementary school and always lost interest after Chapter 1. The only story I ever finished is called "The Song of the Wind" and to me, it was a major accomplishment. I finally finished and completed a lengthy story! 

However, when I read over it, everything sounded wrong and juvenile and blocky. I realised my problem. I was writing only to appease my appetite for writing. I've always craved writing but I never recognised an audience. Who am I writing for? Myself? Just so I can publish something and call myself an author? That's not how it should be at all. Writing is pointless unless one writes for an audience, for other readers. That's why "The Song of the Wind" was lacking.

After that, I was determined to become the best writer I could be and to entertain and enrich readers and make others happy. After all, without that sort of idea, what fun is life? It applies to writing too, you see. My journey so far has been filled with frustration, reluctance, and lots of research that's led me nowhere. But there are bright sides: like the confidence, the excitement, the fun and the late hours spent accomplishing something! 

This website was created out of the desire to motivate my writing, talk with other writers about writer-only problems and get advice and learn from others. I hope that I'll grow with this website as I will with my novel and as I will as a writer. However, the website has become less of a "writer" blog and more of a "lifestyle/me" blog. It'll serve all non-book purposes I have :)

Thank you so much. This would be impossible without you!

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