• milk
  • bread 
  • cheese
  • Burt Bee's Lip Balm
  • chocolate
  • fruit
My Writing Predecessors:
  • Oscar Wilde 
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon (I hate him because he's such a good writer. That unattainable perfection that he represents annoys me so much. After reading his work, everything else pales in comparison. I've tasted heaven and I can no longer enjoy the taste of the earth. This man is the bane of my existence because he's SUCH A GOOD WRITER)
  • Alexandre Dumas
  • Shakespeare
Film wishlist:
  • I Killed My Mother
  • Time to Leave
  • Into The House
  • Mommy (Xavier Dolan)
  • Tom At the Farm (omg my gbf got me this for the holidays. God bless)
Eleni's song recs
  • Suck it and see
  • From the ritz to the rubble
  • Black treacle
  • Teddy picker
  • Fluorescent adolescent
  • Do me a favour
  • Pretty visitors

FILM LIST (to watch)
  • Little White Lies (stephen's rec)
  • The Secret of the Grain (2007)
  • The son (2002)
  • Irene (2009)
  • Angels of Sex (Stephen's rec)
  • Polytechnique (2009)
  • Set Me Free (1999) (Emporte-moi)
  • Under the Sand (2000)
Things Rachel said: (my bff)
  • finger on the pulse of the nation
  • this is some life threatening shit that’s going on
  • Who’s Prince Harry?
  • Do you wanna see the trailer?
  • Imagination, look at its power
  • I shuppose I shtew them myshelf 
  • metaphorical shit
Things Stephen Said--Selected 

  • I’m just like you, i put my cowboy boots on one at a time just like y’all
  • Michigan is like Texas level conservative
  • it’s hella illegal to be a gay person is Michigan. They’re like unicorns, like you know they exist but you need see them except in movies
Things Eleni said (selected)
  • mera dil hai hinustani
  • ek do tres char cinco
  • El dictador badmash hai
  • Por kya
  • I’m going to fuck up the spanish exam like era manos Haraam actividades


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