finals week and the start of winter break

posted on: Friday, 16 December 2016

Hello everyone!
Finals week is finally over and though my grades this semester are definitely not stellar, I am convinced that my first semester at Georgia Tech has taught me a lot about how competitive schools teach and what they expect of students. I'm anticipating straight As from now on! 
My first Tech finals week was intense. The one building called  Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons is the main building for most students. The first floor has several large, accommodating lecture halls. The second floor features the tutoring and undergraduate offices as well as a highly profitable Starbucks. The third, fourth, and fifth floors contain classrooms as well as lab rooms and large study spaces. The fourth floor has the entrance to the library, which along with study spaces has a wide selection of recent DVDs and various in-demand resources. I've studied in this one building the entire semester and that wasn't going to change for finals. The Starbucks was packed, and finding a decent study table was a challenge. When my group found one, we claimed it for the rest of the day. From say, 11 in the morning to 11 in the night, it was our home. The large whiteboards served as sunblocks during the day and study tools during the night. 
While studying, my group has a rhythm going. When despair settled in and it became late (from around 7-9), we would take a Starbucks trip together for a sweet treat as well as an energy boost. Naturally, being with the same small group of people for 12 hours a day for several days caused our real selves to be revealed. My sarcasm and biting sass was let loose and met in equal by my Korean counterpart, Chaewon. The stressed one in the group was Vivian, who reminded us that we all needed to do well by constantly stating that she needed to do well. The others, Katie T. and Laura Y. provided a fresh change to the usual dynamic. In the end, these long nights and few hours of sleep ended. For some, it yielded great results. For others, not so much. The point is: we're done.  Here are a few snapshots of crazy hard studying.

As soon as my last finals day was over, I went home and slept in beautifully. The following day was a blissful day of sleep and food and laziness. Soon after was a fun day with my best friend, whom you all know, Didem. We met up at 3:45 and we parted ways at 11:45. It hardly seems like 8 hours have passed when you're having fun. The 8+ hours of studying per day during finals week definitely felt way longer. It's refreshing to experience the same stretch of hours in two different circumstances. Here are a few shots from today!


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