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posted on: Saturday, 5 November 2016

AMSA Advocacy Chairs- My Committee Chairs are Chris (the redhead to my right) and Mukhund, in the blue shirt behind me. We're planning on a lot of great events!
My mom walked 30 miles for Breast Cancer with her team! I'm quite proud. I fell asleep in math class, Didem came over with Starbucks and I made her chai (the addiction to caffeine is real), and I was trying to teach my friend a way to remember cathode and anode (for our Quantitative Analysis class) and she secretly posted it to her story. 
Hello everyone!
  I'm currently recovering from a bad week of tests and stress and returning here with a few updates. My role as AMSA Community Outreach chair is quite successful. I'm organising a Tourniquet and Safety event for next semester with representatives from Grady Memorial Hospital showing a group of students how to handle emergency situations, including preparing tourniquets. My fellow chair Chris has organised a regular volunteer program to educate Syrian refugees at a high school 30 minutes from campus, in which I'll be involved. The other half of our AMSA Advocacy board is working diligently on Networking Night bringing together doctors, medical students and undergrads to a dinner and social on campus. My leadership role has been quite fulfilling!

 Classes have been incredibly stressful and, as you can tell, I skipped math class for a week and a half to meet with my Quantitative Analysis TA (who's consequently become my academic BFF) during her only times available. I got so behind that I ended up using math class as a "sleep hour" and now I have to catch up. I'm so nervous about my test grades and finals. This stressful environment made me realise many things, including what I want to study. I still want to be pre-med, but my major has to change. That's the big news! I'm switching majors from Chemistry to International Affairs. Taking my second upper-level Chem course, Quantitative Analysis, made me realise that I'm not incredibly passionate about Chemistry, although I enjoy the subject! I thought "If med school doesn't work out, then I'll be stuck with a degree that I can't devote 100% of my passions toward. A useless degree". To avoid that, I've made a second huge decisive step towards my future. The first was deciding to transfer to a tougher school. I have advanced from the camel stage of Nietzsche's philosophy to the lion. I've overcome the burdens placed on my camel back and have broken free from the chains of expectations. Complacency gets you nowhere, everyone. I'm striving for more, for better, for myself and for others around me.

In the realm of friendship, I feel more fulfilled. Didem's wonderful as always and I've started to make great friends at Tech! There's one that I hang out with a lot and she gets kind of on my nerves sometimes but when you're with someone almost all day every day, that's bound to happen. She's a great person and when I'm feeling good, I enjoy my time with her! My old university friends are just the sweetest people. Taylor invited me to have lunch with her in the dining hall with her close friend and her friend and I get along quite well so she swiped me in. They're so welcoming <3 I also am trying to kindle a little something-more-than-friendship with a certain someone so we'll see how that goes ;)


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