a beautiful autumn day

posted on: Tuesday, 22 November 2016

asian-latin-flair tacos for lunch <3 

feeling myself

this car had malboros, old magazines, toy cars, and vintage bumper stickers: throwback to the past
Going on an adventure

existential crisis

do you spot the deer?

The last photo is from a friendsgiving dinner at my brother's place with his group of close friends. Surprisingly, the boys cooked everything! The turkey took three days to make: day 1 was brining with salt, day 2 was sliding tandoori underneath the skin and coating it with butter, and day three of course, was finally cooking it to get that nice crisp glaze. Roasted vegetables, two trays of macaroni cheese with crust, green bean casserole, jalapeño cornbread, stuffing, chicken pot pie with biscuits for crust, curry chicken (not shown bc everyone ate it. Delicious!), pumpkin soup (not shown), and a variety of seasonal desserts including homemade pumpkin pie. Granted, mostly everyone at the party was a senior, senior on work-study/internships (meaning they work right now, will return to school at another time), or graduated in grad school/ med school, so they could adjust their schedules. The hard work that went into making this meal was amazing and the company was the best. I had a great time with my brother's friends and loved the cozy feel to it all. 

It's been a great day! 


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