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posted on: Saturday, 15 October 2016

From left to right~ Top: Hanging out with old-institution friend, date night with Didem <3, moi. Bottom: Facetiming with Stephen, a snap my old-institution girlfriends took, me on my morning commute to school listening to NPR--best morning radio channel (90.1)! 

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time! I have lots of news. First: I transferred schools! I now attend the Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech as it's more commonly called. The first midterms were rough but I'm working on improving my scores. It's been a hard transition but I'm starting to feel a bit more settled. I feel like the academic rigor is giving me an idea about how med school will be like and learning new ways of studying is both tedious and enlightening. I feel more confident and sure about myself, whether it be from the transition or just where I am in life. For a long time, I was trying to figure out if I was a sassy, sarcastic person or a sweet, kind person. I've learned that I'm both and that's completely okay. I can "be true to myself" in either persona because it's all me. A lot of people may think you're two-faced if you have two different personalities but honestly, people are so complex that I don't think a whole lifetime is enough to really truly know a person.

One downside is that I haven't been to the gym much at ALL. I've gotten skinnier from lack of exercise but I plan on going to the gym more frequently. Self-care is important everyone! I've been trying this new skin care routine and my face is LIVING. It's a charcoal-green tea face mask every night, my Shanaz Hussein face cream, and witch hazel toner. Three pieces, quite simple. If I'm feeling particularly sweaty after a long day, I'll try on a cleanser-scrub but other than that, this has worked remarkably well. I have dry skin and in this oddly bipolar weather, I'm both drying it out with my face mask and moisturising with my creams. I say for a general skin care routine, you should have a cleanser and a moisturiser. My skin has a lot of moles and spots from the occasional outbreak from stress as it has been of late. For this, I'd totally recommend witch hazel toner. For the not-face-skin, I need a lot of moisturising. I switch between freshly squeezed aloe vera and cocoa butter Vaseline. My thick Indian hair is also thirsty so I use Amla or coconut oil. Massage the oil in your hair and wash it out after a few hours (or a day ie. sleep with it in your hair and wash it out the morning after). Tips and tricks from MOI.

I've been thinking a lot about life and ageing (since I turned 20 this year) and I hope to make some more posts. This has kind of been a huge "update" post where I've crammed a ton of memories from the past few months into a hand full of photos and a term explanation. School has just been incredibly busy and finding the time for anything is tough!

However, I've made a few great friends at my new school, but it's always wonderful to keep in touch with my old friends. I posted a little collage of a hand full of photos from the past few months. I hang out with my old friends at my previous institution whenever I can.  You all are familiar with Didem (we've been friends for about eight years now!) and as always, she enriches my social life and gets me out of my books and into life, so I cherish my time with her. She remains a best friend ;)

Birthday cake to choose from: the tastiest European cakes everrrr. Didem wanted the Nutella one but cappuccino sounded better ;) 
Didem treated me to lunch at the Café Intermezzo on my 20th birthday and we got the  cappuccino cheesecake. I love cheesecake so much. My home gurl got me

<3 We got Smoked Russian Caravan tea and added milk and honey to it. While the Caravan tea was smoky and light, the milk gave it a heavier and sweeter taste. Kind of like a dessert drink!

When Didem had mono: Turkish brunch is a feast. Olives, goat cheese, turkish cheese, pancakes, eggs, almond cake, butter, honey, toast, orange juice, turkish tea, maple syrup, bagels etc...

date with didem: legit korean food. Didem got buckwheat noodles (traditional Japanese cold, gooey noodles) and I got some sorta clear noodle. All the side dishes came with the entreés: cabbage kimchi, zucchini kimchi, sweet cold-egg and seaweed rolls, pickled something, broccoli, bean sprouts, different pickled cabbage, more kimchi, cooked zucchini and fish strips.


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