posted on: Thursday, 7 March 2013

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  Bienvenidos a mi blog! I'm very pleased to introduce my new writing website! I hope that it serves my purposes, which include: discussing writer issues, music, philosophy, news/social issues, and notable occurrences in my life. It's taken me a while to gather the courage to start this up so I wish that you enjoy this! Blogs are selfish by nature. "Who will care about what I write?" and "who wants to know how far I'm along with my novel? Why does it matter to anyone else but me?" are questions I constantly ask myself. I want my posts to be as utilitarian as possible. The reason I got rid of my Facebook is because I thought "I really don't care whether you spilled coffee on your shirt" and "what's the point of reading about other people's lives, when I don't know them or have rarely met them in person?" I gave out my e-mail before deleting my Facebook so that those who wanted to keep in contact could. The only people who have stayed with me are my close friends, and to be able to filter out good friends to not-friends was a gift. I went on a purge of my online accounts, and yet I still kept my blogs.

 Why? Because I think blogs allow for one person to know about another and to connect in a more efficient and less shallow way than other "social media" hosts. You'll see that I'm one to stick to principles and hold fast to them, haha. I think it's the main reason why I moved from Pages to "Kirthi Rao": because my desire to talk about so many things non-book-related was brimming, and threatened to topple over and spill into my book review posts.

  A bit of how this blog will be like, so you can decide now or later, if you'd like to follow! My theory on following is that a blog will prosper is the followers follow because they want to truly read and enjoy a website. I only follow blogs if I enjoy the content, and isn't that really the point? I remember following blogs just because of a giveaway or a promotion, and never glancing at that blog ever again. It's pointless having an uninterested audience, don't you think?

there will be:

Writer Issues and Writing Updates: In which I talk about my successes and struggles as a writer. I'll be asking for lots of advice! And then I'll update about the progress of my novel. I don't know if you'll really care about it, but encouragement can do wonders to a writer's progress.

Music: I have an odd taste in music. I especially enjoy foreign music, so be prepared for a cultural mesh of Spanish, French, Russian and other music. I love two major musical "groups": Coldplay and Enya. Those two helped encourage my interest in music, because in elementary school I didn't really listen to any music. All I knew was that the music I head on the radio and through friends...it all sounded like trash: banging pots and pans and shrieking and auto-tuned crap. Forgive the language! It's my truth! Once I find a singer, I search through all of his/her songs: so I'll be playing many songs from the same group! Recommendations are welcome, I'm always open to new music!

Philosophy: I'm in this stage of my life when I'm exploring all sorts of new philosophies, like French existentialism and Ayn Rand's subjectivism and so on. This website is a perfect stage to open up discussions and have intellectual discussions that are difficult to have with my peers at school.

News/Social Issues: I'm interested in talking about controversial topics/current issues. For instance, in America and Britain (dunno about the world), gay marriage has been a big issue. I, for one, support it whole-heartedly. But my opinion is controversial and I've probably just lost half of all my potential viewers in that one statement, haha. See, isn't the taboo just so interesting? This is a great way to broaden my knowledge about the world, and to broaden everyone else's! It seems to be that people often are narrow-minded and stick to it, listening only to others that agree with them. With News/Social Issues posts, I hope to cultivate openness.

Notable Occurrences in my Life: These are posts that most closely tie in with the sole purpose of Facebook: to talk about my life. They may not even be "notable" but I just have the desire to talk about. Like my "dates with Deniz"- when I get to hang out with my best friend. These moments are rare and make me incredibly happy so: naturally I share it with you, hehe :D So stuff like this!

What do you think? :)


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I like your view on following blogs because you like to read them. That has happened to me a number of times, where half of the blogs on my reader dashboard don't interest me at all.

    In a totally different direction, would you like your new blog to be featured in a blog list?
    Have a look around and if you are interested email me. All the info is on the find out more page.

    Marian ^_^ x

    1. Hi Marian!
      Thank you very much! Yes, I got to the point where I purged all the blogs I followed that didn't interest me. I knew it made people upset (I always feel incredibly disheartened when I lose followers) but that's just what's best :)

      I would love to be featured! I'll send you an e-mail soon!

      Best wishes,

  2. This layout... is beautiful. How on earth did you do this? :O

    1. HI JESSICA!
      I'm going to be shameless when I say this but...I KNOW RIGHT?! It's so beautiful that I keep coming back to my own blog just to see it again and again. It's a design from Blog Milk, my favourite blog design shop ever. The lovely lady who runs it, Ana , helped me with the design on Pages. I highly recommend her!

      P.S. The changes I made to it where only done through the Design feature on Blogger! I'm terrible with blog designing/HTML stuff!

  3. I look forward to reading your posts over here, Kirthi. Especially your ideas on different philosophies. I wasn't a fan of philosophy in college; the topics I never understood, and the kids in my class made me feel like an idiot. You seem non-judgy though, and I appreciate that. Plus, you have an interesting perspective, and you write so eloquently!

    - Jackie

  4. YAY! So excited for new blogs. :)


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